Yorkies Skin Problems

Common Yorkies Skin Problems

Posted on 6/29/2011 6:01:59 PM

Just like other breed of dogs, a Yorkie also shows skin problems. Ensuring the yearly veterinary check up of your dog can reduce the risks of the disease. Likewise, consulting your veterinarian regarding the health of the Yorkshire is of utmost condition.

Yorkie skin problems are the common issue reported by dog owners. When dealing with the allergies pet owners should consider the diet and environment of the pet. That is why if you have purchased the Yorkie from a breeder you should inform him immediately when the dog manifests any signs of allergies.

Common Skin Allergies of Yorkies

  • Hair loss – Despite of the human-like hair of Yorkie, the hair of the dog can cause bacteria infections. Usually, the size of the patch caused hair loss depends on the itching skin. This skin problem is caused by food allergy especially with sudden change of dog food. In this sense, it is important to seek help from veterinarian about the right kind of food ideal for yorkie.
  • Eczema – It is the most common skin problems that affect Yorkie. However, the symptom is often mistaken with mange and ringworm. When left untreated can lead to hair loss. Eczema is not a contagious and infectious disease that cannot be passed from one dog to another. Some of the early signs of eczema include erythema, papules, pustules and vesicles. Usually, the common body part that is affected by eczema is the base of the tail and spreads along the neck, shoulders and back line. Likewise, the skin around the vulva and scrotum are often affected.

Apparently, skin problems are caused by some factors that include grooming products and, parasites. That is why you should be very careful in choosing the grooming products for your dog. Keep in mind that there are certain soaps, shampoos, flea powders and body powders that cause allergic reactions. Likewise, Yorkies are also allergic to disinfectants, painta, sprays and other chemicals. That is why when the Yorkie is sensitive to grooming products you should use hypo-allergenic products.

Moreover, parasites can also cause skin problems. That is why when you notice mites, mange and fleas in your dog you should immediately take the necessary treatment to keep away the parasites. Usually, parasites are the culprit of hair loss in your pet and pose discomfort. As much as possible, you should treat it immediately to avoid bald spots. To prevent viral and bacterial infections you should bring your yorkie for regular check up to a veterinarian.
Generally, veterinarians provide allergy shots or pills to treat overall allergic reactions as well as seasonal type allergies. In like manner, antihistamine topical applications and antibacterial creams are required to treat any skin problems that infected your Yorkie. If scratching persists then you should wear Elizabethan collar to your dog.

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